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Stay Personal

Simply posting consistently on social media can sometimes not be enough to gain the maximum level of engagement. It’s important to remember that your customers like posts that are more personal. Your customers are far more likely to comment on a picture of one of your employees waterskiing as opposed to an article about dental health. Read More

Facebook Recommendations

Here is an interesting fact: 72% of people trust online reviews just as much as a personal recommendation from someone they know. This is why your online reputation is more important than ever when it comes to getting new business. Facebook had added a star rating to every Facebook page that can greatly impact how people view you online. In the age of online, it had become more important than...Read More

Probably the Biggest Marketing Shift I’ve Seen, Ever

First there was the internet. Then websites came to the forefront. I remember we created a website for a customer in 1998. All it really was was an electronic brochure. Some websites are still like that today. No lead generation mechanisms, just a static page with digital information. There was no such thing as search engine optimization (SEO) or traffic ranking back then. The website was a...Read More

Video Matters

With the increase in popularity of websites like Youtube, video content has become one of the most popular and most effective ways to market your business. Asking your customers for video testimonials can be a powerful way to attract new business. Mobile Applications such as Vine and Instagram have also made it very easy to create short videos within your office that can then be shared across...Read More

Story Bumping

A recent study by Wisemetrics analyzed that the life span of a timeline post is only about two and half hours. That means that the post has only that amount of time to circulate around the Facebook sphere. This is a very short window to receive the maximum amount of possible engagement. Facebook has recognized that a great post that continues to generate Likes, Comments and Shares can be missed...Read More

Facebook Promotions

In previous newsletters I have discussed the importance of adding value to your brand or business by initiating engagement; offering incentives to clients through social media. Facebook promotion and sweepstakes guidelines had previously stated that a business page has to utilize a 3rd party application in order to run a promotion. According to the new guidelines this is no longer the case. Now...Read More

It’s all about the subject line.

Your newsletter subject line has a huge impact on the opening rate of an e-newsletter. The more personal and intriguing, the higher the opening rate. Read More


Most of us are familiar with Google as one of the most utilized search engines, and have learned about the new product Google+. In previous newsletters I mentioned the increasing relevance of a Google+ Profile for a business. As of recently, Google+ has stepped up the ante with a new feature specifically for a business website. A Google+ user with a profile business page  has the ability to...Read More

Having a Marketing System in Place

This past weekend my aunt and uncle celebrated a very special occasion, their 50th wedding anniversary. It was fun to be together with my family to commemorate a truly heartfelt occasion. When I think of 50 years of marriage it really is amazing and quite an accomplishment. Of course, we all wished them another 50! ...Read More