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Proven Marketing that Works

We know you’re not looking for just any old dental marketing agency.

You’re looking for a partner. Someone who can clear the path, look for opportunities and determine the right direction for your dental practice. Someone who knows what they are doing and has invested in their marketing knowledge. Someone who understands dentistry. Someone you can trust. That’s Creativedge Marketing.

Practice Growth

We know what’s needed for great dental marketing.

There is no one-size-fits-all dental practice marketing plan. That’s why we developed a proprietary framework to grow dental practices. It’s called the Predictable Patient Growth Process™. With this process, we create and implement the perfect marketing plan built on the uniqueness of your dental practice.

Happy Doctor

A solid return on your marketing investment makes for a happy doctor.

We will put measures in place to track results so we can analyze the performance of your marketing channels. This way we can be sure we are putting the emphasis right where it needs to be to give you the growth you deserve.

We don’t just care about marketing. We care about you.

We understand what it feels like to be frustrated by not having enough practice growth.

Over 23 years in business serving hundreds of dental practices.
Work exclusively with dentists.
Developed the Predictable Patient Growth Process,™ a proven path to dental practice growth.
Create customized plans that are unique to the needs of your practice.
Offer personalized service to each and every one of our dentists.

Your Path to Great Marketing

Here’s how we do it:

We learn about you

It starts with your free practice growth analysis. Your information will help us understand your current situation and to uncover where your greatest marketing opportunities lie.

We analyze your information and create your custom growth plan.

We will put together your no-obligation practice growth analysis. This detailed analysis will show you the most cost-effective results-driven methods to market your dental practice with predictable and sustainable results.

We get to work executing your plan and growing your practice.

You’ll be well on your way to consistent and predictable practice growth with our customized dental practice marketing solutions.

Enjoy the High-Performing Dental Practice You Deserve

At Creativedge Marketing, we know that you want to have a high-performing dental practice. In order to do that, you need great marketing.

The problem is that poor marketing results are not giving you the practice growth you want, and that makes you feel frustrated.

We believe you shouldn’t have to stress about getting the practice growth you want. We understand your desire to grow which is why we created The Predictable Patient Growth Process™ to create a high-performing dental practice.

Get your FREE Practice Growth Analysis. Stop feeling frustrated with a lack of practice growth, and instead enjoy the high-performing practice you deserve. [Read More]

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