Are you having trouble attracting new patients to your dental office? Or maybe you’re having difficulty keeping patients.

Either way, it sounds like you need some fresh dental marketing ideas. Lucky for you, we have plenty!

Below are the top 10 dental marketing strategies that are sure to get you more patients in 2020. Use these strategies to boost your patient count fast.

1. Be Number One Online

Optimizing web presence isn’t a skill dentists typically possess. As such, many dentists in your area probably haven’t done anything to build a web presence. So if you invest in your online presence, you could easily rank number one in local searches!

Now, as we mentioned, you’re probably not adept at website promotion or digital marketing. Your best option, then, is to outsource to someone who can build or even manage your website.

But aside from your website, there are other, easy things you can do to build your web presence. For one, it helps to purchase pay-per-click ads, like Google AdWords, to help you appear in local searches.

And you must get your practice listed in online business directories like Yelp and Google My Business. This helps you rank higher in local searches and allows you to receive customer reviews.

2. Incentivize Reviews and Referrals

Customer reviews are hugely important to any business. 90% of consumers read online reviews before visiting a business. It follows, then, that if you have no reviews, 90% of potential patients won’t give you the time of day!

Even worse, one negative Yelp review can lose you 30 patients. In short, one of the best things you can do for your business is to ask your satisfied patients to leave you reviews.

You can also bring in business by offering a referral bonus. That is, offer bonus discounts to patients who refer their friends to your office. You get new patients and the referrer gets a reward, win-win!

3. Start a Helpful Dentistry Blog

Continual production of helpful, online content helps you reach potential patients. Here’s how.

For one thing, a relevant, helpful blog helps you rank higher in search results. (You can write for this blog yourself or outsource.) For another, it builds your reputation as a friendly expert in your field in the eyes of your site visitors.

Best of all, those site visitors might convert into patients by making an appointment right there on your website. For this reason, you should also consider a live chat feature for your website through which you can close sales.

4. Start a YouTube Campaign

Next, start a YouTube campaign as well. The easiest way to do this is by repurposing your blog content like videos. That is, with each blog article you post, use the same information to create a YouTube video.

You can make the videos like a slideshow with scrolling text if you want to keep it simple. But shooting actual video can be a great way to demonstrate your services and friendly staff.

5. Know Your Target Audience

It’s women. Your target audience is women. Now you know.

Specifically, women make 80% of all healthcare purchasing decisions. Accordingly, most of your advertising decisions should be geared toward women.

But also, take your local community into account. Is it a niche community like a college town or retirement community? What factors do most buyers in your area have in common?

If you’re unsure, engage with your public personally on social media. There, you can tell your story while your community discusses relevant issues with you. This is a great way to learn more about your audience.

Use these factors to specifically target your most relevant demographic.

6. Retarget to Retain

Once you have patients, don’t let them slip away. Take measures to make sure they return.

Always schedule followup appointments before a patient leaves. Remind patients it’s best to schedule in advance in case you fill up.

Set up automated text alerts to remind patients when it’s a week before their appointment. Then, if a patient hesitates to schedule a followup, let them know they can always cancel when they get their reminder. And if they do cancel, you can call to reschedule.

But the best trick for getting return business is the 5% pre-pay discount. Offer a 5% discount when patients pay ahead for their appointment. They’re much more likely to keep an appointment they’ve already paid for.

With these tricks, it’s harder for the patient to avoid their followup than to just get it over with.

7. Make the Children Happy

Like website optimization, this is another easy, often-neglected way to outshine your competition. Make going to the dentist an absolute blast for kids.

Every dentist’s office has some kind of kids’ area. It’s usually pretty lame, though, with 5 toddler toys and some worn-out books.

But some dentists have X-Box consoles, climbing areas, and train sets. See the difference? Then be the difference.

The goal here is to make kids say, “Mommy, can we go to the dentist again?” Even a completely mediocre dentist will get tons of business from moms if he makes the kids happy.

This doesn’t end with fun toys, though. Make sure there are hygienists on your staff that kids love.

Even offer a free kids cleaning. If you get the kids hooked, you get a whole family of return patients for years to come.

8. Get Your Team On the Same Page

Don’t go it alone. Make sure your staff cares just as much about increasing patient count as you do.

Ideally, it should be important to them that the people in their community get the quality dental care they need. And, as a member of your team, the success of your practice should be important to them as well.

Remember, these are the people who either attract or repel every person who calls your office. If the above description doesn’t sound like your team, consider interviewing new receptionists.

9. Direct Mail Marketing

Direct mail marketing is a tried and true way for dentists to reach a highly relevant audience: their neighbors. Who better to market to than those who live a mile away? Get those coupon postcards into nearby mailboxes to increase walk-ins from those within walking distance.

You’ll also benefit from sending “Welcome to the Neighborhood” postcards to new homeowners. Reach new residents with your friendly greeting before any of your competition. Consider purchasing a new homeowner mailing list for this purpose.

10. Participate in Community Events

Use all the above ideas as selling points and take them with you to local events. Any event where local businesses can set up a booth will work.

They don’t have to be big events. In fact, the small, intimate events are often better.

Appear at “Math Night” at a local elementary school dressed as a tooth. Hand out candy and toothbrushes at a Halloween “Trunk-or-Treat” event.

These appearances show you’re a caring part of the community. And they provide a venue in which to showcase all the above selling points.

Try These Dental Marketing Ideas

These marketing strategies are just what you need to make your dental practice stand above the rest. Use these dental marketing ideas to boost your reputation and attract and retain more patients.

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Author: Kathy Jiamboi

Owner of Creativedge Marketing, where growth-oriented dentists find dental practice marketing strategies and advice to take their practice to a new and higher level.

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