Marketing Trends for 2017

2017 Marketing Trends

As the calendar flips to 2017, a new year full of new possibilities begins.

You have probably done some thinking about your marketing for 2017, but may not know what methods of communication will best catch your consumers’ eye.

By following some important trends, you can increase how much you engage with your consumers and increase your sales. Below are some key trends to focus on in 2017.

Native Advertising

If you are a smart marketer, you will start utilizing native advertising. Native advertising is a kind of marketing/advertising which mimics the look and feel of the other content that appears on a specific platform. Typically, a native ad will either be a blog article or video that the advertiser produces but is seen as a piece of work created by the platform’s editorial team.

Native advertising can appear on sites like: Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, New York Times, Twitter, Forbes, Wall Street Journal, YouTube, Tumblr, mental_floss, and many more.

Native advertising will reach over $20 billion by 2018. Native advertising is expected to expand across more sites and become even more powerful.

Oftentimes, branded content is used as a type of native advertising. We see an example of that in this UBSVoice article on Forbes.

Native Advertising

The beauty of native advertising is that it does not interrupt the user’s experience. While this type of advertising is interruption marketing, it appears as part of the site.

When utilizing native advertising, you should:

  • Utilize content that is useful
  • Catch the attention of your consumer
  • Target a specific audience

Content Marketing is Here to Stay

Content marketing was important in 2016 and will continue to grow in importance in 2017. Content marketing is creating and distributing relevant, interesting, and important information to attract a captive audience. Content marketing is not a one and done kind of marketing.

In order to build a great audience, and make your content powerful, it is important to be consistent with your content and distribute it on a regular basis.

Content marketing usually comes in the form of blogging but can also be things like video creation. Usually, your content will be published on your website and distributed via eNewsletter, social media, and key influencers. The purpose of content marketing remains the same in 2017: Improve your results on search engines.

It is important to not get content marketing confused with social media marketing or native advertising. Both of those things are tools that help you distribute your content, but are not content marketing.


Video is becoming increasingly powerful in the marketing world. Video gives you an opportunity to create another form of content and distribute it to your audience. What makes videos so powerful is it’s ability to get people’s attention in a newsfeed or timeline.

One video tool that will be powerful in 2017 is Facebook Live. Facebook Live lets you record content from wherever you are and put it onto your fans’ timeline. There are many things you can do with Facebook Live including a Q and A with the doctor, a tour of the office, a live drawing for a contest winner, and more!

Want more hints and tips for your marketing?

Creativedge Marketing has specialized in dental marketing for nearly 10 years and wants to help you gain more new customers. Click here to schedule a 15 minute phone call with Kathy to discuss your marketing plan for 2017 and ways you can gain more new customers.

Author: Kathy Jiamboi

Owner of Creativedge Marketing, where growth-oriented dentists find dental practice marketing strategies and advice to take their practice to a new and higher level.

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