7 Easy Ways to Increase Facebook Engagement

7 Easy Ways to Increase Facebook Engagement

We are assuming you use Facebook. If not, stop reading this, go to your personal Facebook page, and create a business account. No, seriously, do that right now.

Facebook is a great way to stay engaged with your patients, grow your following, drive traffic to your site, provide valuable information, beat your competition, and spread the word about promotions; and that’s just the beginning of its potential impact.

If you are already on Facebook and want to drive engagement, LISTEN UP! Here’s a list of things that work:

  1. Don’t always post about dentistry. Let’s face it, your Facebook audience doesn’t want to hear about toothpaste or amalgam fillings every day. Your Facebook posts need to be a mix of informative and entertaining. When you find the right mix, you will see increased engagement.
  2. Request an action. If your post does call for an action, more than likely, your audience will not act. Actions that you can request can be as simple as, “LIKE this post if you floss every day” with a graphic about the importance of flossing.
  3. Be personal. We cannot stress this enough. Posting things about dentistry is great and informative; posting fun facts and quizzes is fun and entertaining; but, when you get personal with your audience through things like team pictures, this is where the most engagement happens. People love to see what is going on in your practice, what is going on with your team, and what you are up to in between appointments! Most people “Like” your practice because of you, so don’t be afraid to show you!
  4. Have fun and be humorous. While your Facebook page is an extension of your business, don’t be afraid of having fun and cracking a joke here or there. If you come off as too serious, people will get bored. It’s nothing against you or your practice, but the main reason why people go on Facebook is to be entertained! (P.S. It’s okay to have a fun practice.)
  5. Include a picture. Text-only posts aren’t completely dead, but, for all intents and purposes, they should be considered dead when it comes to your Facebook page. You have to catch the eye of people as they scroll through their Facebook timeline. What we’ve learned while doing social media marketing is that the best way to catch someone’s eye is to include a picture (or video) with your post.
  6. Provide great local content. This goes back to being personal. If you are a great source for awesome local events and happenings, more people will “Like” your page and follow along with your posts.
  7. Invest in videos. There is so much content out there, and sometimes people just want content that they can consume without putting in much effort. Video is the perfect way to provide valuable information in a way that is easy to consume. If you create great content that is easy to consume, you will engage more and more people with each post!


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We have helped numerous clients set up, maintain and promote their Facebook pages. If you would like us to take the burden off of handling your own digital marketing, give us a call or set us a quick 15-minute chat to discuss your needs.

Author: Kathy Jiamboi

Owner of Creativedge Marketing, where growth-oriented dentists find dental practice marketing strategies and advice to take their practice to a new and higher level.

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