Guiding Dental Practices through our Predictable Patient Growth Process™ for sustainable and sure-fire marketing results.

Creativedge is a dental marketing agency and consultant who works exclusively for dentists.

We focus on marketing your entire practice as a whole (using internal, digital/online, and external marketing systems and tactics). We uncover where your growth opportunities lie. Then through our Predictable Patient Growth Process™, we implement a proven path to grow your dental practice.

We ADVISE dentists on where they have the biggest opportunities for practice growth and then get to work MAKING IT HAPPEN.

What you’ll find when you work with our dental marketing agency is personalized attention and customized service (and we’re not just saying that…we mean it!). 

We do what we say we will. We answer the phone. You can talk with us.

We market your dental practice the responsible way. We won’t recommend a gigantic marketing spend from the start, unless that’s where you are. We look to start with what you can do that will have the most impact for the least cost.

We meet you where you are. We don’t force feed you a pre-designed marketing plan. Depending on where you are currently, that may mean starting out small with a few marketing tactics that best fit your situation. It may also mean enhancing and managing what you are currently doing so you can take your practice to the next level.

Every practice is in a different place and every practice is treated individually. For those starting out small, once we gain traction and growth starts happening, we can then ramp it up and expand our strategy to include a well-rounded synergy of marketing tactics. It’s all based on your goals for your practice and your life.


To Be A Trusted Source in providing a Comprehensive Approach to Marketing to Allow Dental Practices to Have Reliable and Sustainable Growth.

  • Internal Marketing
  • External Marketing
  • Digital Marketing

We are COMPLETELY TRANSPARENT. Our job is to prove to you your RETURN ON INVESTMENT.

You can be CONFIDENT your marketing dollars are working for you and GIVING YOU THE RETURN YOU DESERVE.


pete dawson e1597774137647

Dr. Pete Dawson and I at a Paragon Management/Dawson Academy event.

To keep on top of our game and further increase our marketing knowledge, we invest thousands of dollars each year on books, webinars, attending seminars, and workshops. We align ourselves with the best marketers to learn best practices. We are involved in mastermind groups.

We are certified in many areas that make for great marketing. This is important to us and allows us to better serve our dentists and provide predictable marketing results.

Kathy and Gordan Christiansen

Dr. Gordon Christiansen and Kathy Jiamboi at the Paragon Program’s Year End Event.

As a Digital Marketer Certified Partner, we are certified in 11 different aspects of digital marketing covering everything from social media to content marketing to paid traffic.


Additionally, we are certified in Infusionsoft and Keap automation software. This means we can develop and create automated marketing machines for you.

We love all things marketing, and being able to see the results we deliver to our clients.

All of our dental marketing services come with a 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE.

Our goal is for you to be a long-standing client because of the results we deliver and for us to develop a strong lasting relationship. We will do whatever it takes (within reason!) to achieve the results you are looking for.

It’s really up to you and how much growth you want.

Some practices want to “kill” it. Others are good with a steady flow of new patients. Some are looking to retire and want to build more equity in their practice. Others want to double and triple their revenue. We don’t judge. We just deliver.

We can help you right now.

Thanks for visiting with us. You’re welcome back anytime.

Kathy Jiamboi

Kathy Jiamboi | Founder & President


“Kathy and her team have been wonderful to work with!!! Everyone is quick to respond and help in any way they can. From the moment we’ve implemented Kathy’s marketing suggestions~ we’ve had great success with increasing our Patient feedback and surveys. Looking forward to expanding our marketing in our community!!” (Google)

Kari Schmidt

Layman, Shirman & Associates

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