One day you’re going like gangbusters. Your marketing couldn’t be better. It’s bringing in all the clients you need. You’re busy and on top of the world. Then you start to notice that what reliably worked month after month is just not cutting it anymore. What’s happening? The number of new customers, clients, and patients is down and you’re also noticing a higher churn rate of your previous customers.

What are you doing wrong? Why isn’t the old reliable marketing strategy working anymore?

This happens in every business at one time or another. There are many causes that could be at the root of the situation. Some of those causes could be internal, some could be external. But if this scenario sounds familiar to you, it could mean you need an overhaul of your marketing.

I have identified four steps that will breathe new life into your marketing. This week and over the next three to follow we will cover each one. Let’s begin with Step One–Your Message.

Your Message (Step 1)
We all communicate and relate with our customers in a variety of ways. Advertising, newsletters, invoices, statements, packing slips, reminder cards, customer inquiries, faxes, emails, etc. just to name a few. Each business has its own methods of on-going communication.

Usually though, not as much thought goes into an email or fax communication as does a display ad in a magazine or a four-color company brochure. This is a mistake. All communication from the most benign email to an elaborate direct marketing campaign should be well thought out and represent what your company is all about. Your customers should be able to recognize your communication with them and identify you as the originator.

As time goes by it’s easy to get a hodge podge of materials that lose your overall message or never had one to begin with. Sometimes over the course of time a company’s offerings may have changed and the messages in the marketplace do not reflect this. This is happening in our business right now and we are in the process of re-evaluating and redesigning our message and our materials.

Here is what you can do to be sure this same thing is not occurring in your business.

  • Collect everything you use to communicate (brochures, business cards, website, emails, letterhead, newsletters, etc).
  • Take a look at them as a whole and individually.

Now ask yourself these questions.

Does each piece represent your company as it is today?

Is there a definite cohesion among the pieces?

Is there a service or product we offer that is missing?

Is there a service or product we no longer offer that is included?

Is our look fresh and up-to-date and does it convey the core of our business?

After your evaluation, if you are happy with your overall look you may just need to add or subtract a few things here or there. If you find your message is sketchy or your look just doesn’t convey what your company is about, it may be time to invest in getting some help.

Next week, Your Expertise—Step 2 .

Author: Kathy Jiamboi

Owner of Creativedge Marketing, where growth-oriented dentists find dental practice marketing strategies and advice to take their practice to a new and higher level.

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