[Updated 11/2/17]

Why Your Practice Needs to Focus on the Patient Experience

A couple of years ago, during a webinar, I discussed the importance of being aware of the pathway your patients follow on the way to their first appointment with you, and how the different things they encounter along the way make them feel.

Some of the touch points we discussed were how you are found online; how your phone is answered; what your parking lot, building, and entryway look like; what your waiting area looks, feels and smells like; how the patient is greeted, etc.

The poll question we posed was:
Do you feel you can improve in any of these areas?

About 70% said they could while 30% felt they had it all covered.

One of the other topics of discussion was on communication. In order to have a loyal relationship with anyone, you need to have consistent communication. Most practices are very good at communicating via appointment reminders, recall cards and surveys after the visit. Unfortunately, real, personalized communication is lacking and the poll results proved right.

The question was:
I connect with my patients on a monthly basis via 1. Social Media, 2. E-Newsletter, 3. Printed Newsletter.

About 40% said they were connecting on social media, 20% said they send a monthly e-newsletter and a mere 5% used a printed newsletter.

These results are interesting but not surprising. In the case of the first poll, we can always improve and update the way our offices look, smell and feel. We can always improve our patient relations and customer service. After all, we are human.

The communications poll is the one that you should sit up and take notice of. If you are looking to get more patients and/or retain your existing patients, having consistent communication over a variety of avenues is an area where you can get it done.

Are you not communicating with your patients effectively?

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Author: Kathy Jiamboi

Owner of Creativedge Marketing, where growth-oriented dentists find dental practice marketing strategies and advice to take their practice to a new and higher level.

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