Happy 2019! It seems everyone loves the excitement a new year brings.

It’s a chance to do things differently than last year. Wipe that slate clean. Set new records and new goals, and make things happen.

Often times, though, what we want to accomplish at the beginning of the new year falls by the wayside only a few short weeks or months later. Why does this happen? Because we run into obstacles and those obstacles cause us to shut down. It’s difficult to stay the course and keep persevering when we keep hitting roadblocks.

This is why Creativedge exists. We’re the experts that can identify the best plan for your practice based on your goals and get the plan implemented.

Here are 5 quick dental marketing strategies that you can implement (or we can help you implement) which will help your practice succeed in 2019:


There are few things more effective than creating a live video where you give a tour of your dental office, take the time to introduce yourself and explain your credentials, and even go over the specific procedures you perform! This is an awesome way to grow your social media following and make a personal connection with current and potential patients.


You need to make sure you’ve taken the time to completely evaluate the needs, demographics, and pain points of your current target market and research your competition. Unfortunately, far too often we see dental practices who have great intentions when it comes to marketing but aren’t actually implementing strategies and campaigns that connect with their market in any real way.


Review System Free TrialRecent studies show that 84% of consumers and patients read online reviews about the stores, businesses, and medical professionals that they’re considering working with—and that they value what people online are saying as much as personal advice. If your dental practice doesn’t have many online reviews, potential patients may think that you don’t have the necessary experience, or question the overall quality of the care you provide. It’s also important to be responsive when it comes to the reviews you do get—yes, even negative ones.


Is your dental practice’s website quick to load? Are all of the dental services you provide clearly listed on your website? Are patients able to schedule an appointment online? Do you link to your social media profiles on your website? Also, make sure that you’re including lots of localized keywords in your static website and blog content. Include the city in which you operate, the neighborhoods within your service area, and more in the keywords on your website and blog.


You could have the greatest dental marketing plan in the world, but, if you’re not doing everything you can to increase the number of patient referrals you’re getting, then you likely won’t be in business for much longer. One idea may be to offer a free whitening or a small discount off of another cosmetic procedure for those patients who bring you in at least three referrals. NOTE: Please check with your state dental board for rules and regulations on referrals and referral incentives.

Looking for professional help when it comes to the most epic dental marketing ideas?

Spend some time on our site to learn more about how we can help. When you’re ready to grow your practice, reach out to us to learn more or schedule a complimentary strategy session with Kathy, our marketing guru, to assess your current marketing situation and find out how we can best help your practice succeed in 2019.


Author: Kathy Jiamboi

Owner of Creativedge Marketing, where growth-oriented dentists find dental practice marketing strategies and advice to take their practice to a new and higher level.

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