Many of you are already aware that we own this domain and website. If you’re not familiar with, check it out. You should be listed on it (and, if not, let me know and we will add you).

We developed and launched in February 2016.

For the first six months, it was getting about 1.5 visitors per day. You probably know that’s not very good. Since then, we have been working on SEO, building up content and adding dentists and specialists to the directory.

The idea is for the site to be another way for us to control what content is found for the dentists we work for.

The results have been great and continue to improve each day. Our traffic keeps climbing. For the last six months (April-October 2017), we averaged 19 visits per day. That’s a 1267% increase from the first six months. For September 2017, we had 31 visits each day, a 2067% increase!

Top Dentist Listing on

Top Dentist Listing on

Several of our clients have “featured” listings to make them stand out as a Top Dentist. We also have them answer questions on our blog periodically and feature the post on their and others’ social media. This gives them a back-link on their site, a search engine optimization tactic.

The site is coming up on the first page in searches for “periodontist near me,” “dentist reviews near me,” “prosthodontist near me,” “root canal dentist near me,” “dentist near me reviews,” “top rated dentist near me,” “recommended dentist near me,” “recommended dentists near me,” “reviews of dentists near me,” “reviews of dentist,” and “find dentist reviews.”

There are many other keywords where the site is showing up on page two of search results. SEO is always a work in progress.

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Here again, the idea is to show up when prospective patients have no clue who to go to and are looking to see who has great reviews. Here’s an example Google search result: “dentist near me fostoria ohio.” shows up first, and a few results down is the listing on DentistNearMeReviews (this is potentially taking the spot of a competitor!).

Search Results for “Tim Sulken DDS”

Search Results for “Tim Sulken DDS”

What has been happening is that when a search is done for the doctor, the site comes up on page one. The site has 5 stars indicating the dentist has reviews on the site in addition to the reviews prospective patients see on Google, Facebook, Yelp, etc.

We are pretty excited about all of this and continue to come up with ideas to make it even better for our doctors. This kind of stuff is what makes our jobs fun!

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Author: Kathy Jiamboi

Owner of Creativedge Marketing, where growth-oriented dentists find dental practice marketing strategies and advice to take their practice to a new and higher level.

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