Why Dentists Should Welcome Facebook Live

Why Dentists Should Welcome Facebook Live

Facebook Live and Your Practice

The marketing world is constantly changing and evolving. There are constantly new products or services that enter the marketplace and change the way your practice can reach your patients. A great example is Facebook Live.

Not familiar with Facebook Live?

Facebook “Live” is a feature that gives you the ability to create and stream live video on Facebook. As you record and broadcast your live video, your fans have the ability to tune in, react, and comment on your video. While you are streaming you have the ability to engage with your consumers by answering their questions and comments in real time. Your Facebook live stream will appear in your fans timeline just as a traditional post would. Additionally, your fans have the ability to subscribe to your live feed. Doing so sends them a notification every time you go LIVE!

All of the above makes Facebook Live a great feature. But what makes it greater? Once you end your live broadcast, your video will post to your Facebook page just as a regular video. This means that your live videos will go into your archives and continue to allow your fans to comment and engage after the broadcast is complete. You also have the ability to boost your broadcast to a specific Facebook crowd.

Here are some video content ideas that your practice can leverage on Facebook Live:

  • Ask the dentist
  • Office tours
  • A look at new technology or procedures
  • Announcement of advertising/promotional campaigns
  • Announcement of contest winners
  • Contest winners receiving prize
  • Series of the dentist explaining dental procedures

Now that you have some ideas for content, let’s take a look at how to execute. First, create your live broadcast. Make sure that your content educates, inspires, or entertains so that it captures the attention of your audience. This video will receive both live viewers and viewers who watch the “replay.” However, this is just the beginning of your engagement. Let a few days go by and “boost” your replay. Set a dollar amount for your boost — maybe start small at $10-$20 — and choose your audience.

As you continue to broadcast live and create this content, your fans, subscribers, shares, and likes will all trend upwards. Do you know what this trend means to you? All of your other posts get seen more by your fans because Facebook views your page as being more relevant.

Want to get more out of your Facebook Live streams?

Below is a quick list of hints and tips to drive more engagement.

Advertise when you will be going live. Use all your media outlets (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, email, etc.) to drive traffic to your Facebook page and Live stream.

We will be hosting a Live stream this Wednesday at 12:30PM, discussing our teeth whitening products.

Do not be afraid to bounce your fans from other media. This means you link them from one media to another in order to consume your content.

An example of a good post on Twitter would be:

Join us Live on Facebook, where Dr. Appleseed discusses the most chosen form of cosmetic dentistry: [link]

Create headlines that capture the attention of potential viewers. As an example which headline is more likely to get you to watch?

Dr. John Appleseed at Apple Dental Discusses Teeth Whitening” OR…“Dr. Appleseed Discusses How Millions of Americans Are Beautifying Their Smile—Teeth Whitening

Don’t be afraid to ask your viewers to subscribe. It’s as easy as including a plug at the end of your stream like:

Did you enjoy this broadcast? Please tap subscribe so you don’t miss out on the next one where we will hold an ‘ask the dentist’ segment.

Be personal. People love to hear their name. If you see a good comment or question come across, do not be afraid to address it and call out a person by name.

Inspire, educate, or entertain. Every broadcast you create should do one of these three things. If it doesn’t, ask how you can change it so that it does.

We hope this post has provided you with some valuable information and can help your practice increase engagement, increase reach, increase your patients, and, most importantly, increase your revenue! If your practice has reached a plateau, be sure to contact Creativedge Marketing and set up a free consultation to uncover your practices true potential.

Author: Kathy Jiamboi

Owner of Creativedge Marketing, where growth-oriented dentists find dental practice marketing strategies and advice to take their practice to a new and higher level.

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