Certified Social & Community Manager

With our Social & Community Manager certification comes the essential ability to help dental practices utilize social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube to the best of their ability. To summarize, we are qualified to leverage all four of the stages that lead to social media success: social influencing, social listening, social networking and social commerce.

Certified Customer Value Optimization Specialist

Being a CCVOS makes us uniquely qualified to guide your practice into the design and creation of a “patient conversion funnel” that will help to reduce the acquisition costs of new patients, while at the same time increase both immediate and lifetime patient values. To summarize, while many dental practices may have some kind of “funnel” for obtaining leads and then converting those leads into new patients, what we are able to do as Customer Value Optimization Specialists is stop the “leaks” you may have in your funnel and deliver a reliably OPTIMIZED conversion.

Certified Search Marketing Specialist

Being a CSMS makes us uniquely qualified to help your dental practice design and carry out a viable search marketing program. We have been trained to recognize and take advantage of online search demand from platforms like Facebook, YouTube, and Google.

Certified Analytics & Data Specialist

Our Certified Analytics & Data Specialist certification gives us the ability and the the mandatory skill set to record, track and interpret data that matters to practices at all stages, starting with content marketing and/or paid traffic methodologies to website conversions and funnel production. We also have the knowledge and analytical skills necessary to take that data and turn it into action, helping practices get more leads and sales. We can then make marketing determinations based on meaningful information, not sketchy guesswork.

Content Marketing Specialist

As a Certified Content Marketing Specialist, we are uniquely qualified to help practices develop and execute a sustainable content marketing program. We are trained to create and measure engaging content at every stage of the marketing funnel, as well as leveraging organic and paid traffic to leverage content across the social web.

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