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Are You Advertising on Facebook Yet? You Should Be!

Facebook’s advertising offers your practice a truly targeted approach so you reach the right people. Unless you are targeting lifeforms on Mars, Facebook has everything you need.

With over a billion people using the platform, there’s a good chance you have a ripe audience at your disposal.

There are many ways you can drill down on targeting, even to find people who like “salty snacks,” for example. The many targeting options available are found under the “Audience” section of your ads manager. But for our purposes here, we can keep it pretty simple to create a target audience for your practice. Let’s use a Dentures Campaign as an example.

Here are 6 Easy Steps to Creating a Target Audience:

  1. Facebook audience targetingYou will first want to create a Saved Audience under Audiences in your Ads Manager. Give your audience a name. Let’s call it “Dentures Campaign.”
  2. Next, you will want to identify the location of your audience. Keep this audience within the geographic region of your practice. Usually, you will not want to set the area to more than 10 miles, but there are circumstances where this may not be true—such as obstacles in roadways that cause the actual area that you cover to be more geographically specific, and less about the radial distance.
  3. Now, identify the age group you want to target. For dentures, you would probably want to target individuals that are aged 55-65+.
  4. Then, pick the gender. Since dentures are a personal thing, I would select both men and women. If I were targeting for new patients, I may select women only, since they make the majority of the dental appointments.
  5. You will see Languages and Detailed Targeting as the next two steps. Because “Detailed Targeting” is, well, detailed, and beyond the scope of our purposes, we are going to skip this part. However, you may want to play around and see how detailed you can get, and whether any of this detail may help to better target your audience.
  6. Facebook connection typeLast, you can select a Connection Type. The option you are most likely to use here is “Facebook Pages.” Here you can choose to target either “people who like your page” or “friends of people who like your page.” Alternatively, you can choose to exclude “people who like your page,” instead. For this campaign, we want to reach everyone, so we would NOT make a “Connection Type.”

That’s it! Now you are all set with your targeted audience and can work to create your “Dentures Campaign.”

Interested in creating Facebook ads for your practice?

If you are more comfortable letting a professional marketing company handle this for you, or any of your online, internal or traditional marketing, be sure to contact Creativedge Marketing.


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Author: Kathy Jiamboi

Owner of Creativedge Marketing, where growth-oriented dentists find dental practice marketing strategies and advice to take their practice to a new and higher level.

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