I recently read a book titled, A Happy Pocket Full of Money. I enjoyed it so much that I read it in less than a day. The book is about universal laws, quantum physics and energy. In a nutshell, we are the creators of our own situations and circumstances. You probably have heard this before. It’s really nothing new. The way the material was presented made it pretty easy to understand. It wasn’t all Stephen Hawking-like and even though it sounded a bit out there at times, it all made perfect sense.

It made me think about how it could be applied in a business and how it could be translated to help my customers. So, here is some insight I got from the book that may be of assistance to you and your business.

First, a couple thoughts about money.

  • Money is an illusion as is most of what we observe. It’s how we as individuals perceive our reality that makes it so. The question then is are we coming from lack or are we coming from abundance?

When we come from lack, we repel things. When we come from abundance, we attract things. People are not attracted to hang dogs and losers. They want to be around people and businesses who have it going on, who are upwardly mobile and advancing, not on the decline. Whatever you do always be sure to project what’s good about your company and what you are doing to increase the abundance in others. Be joyful and grateful.

  • In terms of the physical (paper, coins, etc.),  money has no real value. It’s all about the value that is attached to it.

People will gladly pay more for things that are of value to them. We can all relate to this. There are things you know you would pay more for but you might cringe at what someone else paid for something that has no value to you. The big takeaway is to make sure whatever you offer has tremendous value. Think of what you can do to increase the value to make it irresistible to your customers, clients and/or patients.

Second, a couple insights on failure or better yet, success.

  • We need to know failure to know success.  If we just knew success it wouldn’t mean anything to us and we would have nothing to strive for.

The point here is that it is okay to fail. Failing brings you that much closer to success. For instance, if one ad doesn’t work or one direct mail campaign doesn’t get the results you are looking for, don’t give up. Think about why you think it didn’t work and try it again a little differently the next time. Many businesses do something once and when it fails automatically assume that the particular media or audience doesn’t work for their product or service. There are many factors that could be at play. Don’t give up, change up instead. One little change could be make it the biggest success of all.

  • Failure is only true when you give up and put an end to what you are doing.

As long as you keep trying something you are not failing, you are learning and becoming that much closer to success. Marketing is trial and error. Even when something has been working well the day will come when the results just aren’t there anymore. Keep trying new things that you haven’t done or something you see someone else succeeding with. If it doesn’t work, try it another way. Every attempt you make leads you that much closer to big success!

Author: Kathy Jiamboi

Owner of Creativedge Marketing, where growth-oriented dentists find dental practice marketing strategies and advice to take their practice to a new and higher level.

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