We talked last week about using free reports to attract new customers. This week we’re going to talk about where you get your information for them and the best ways to use them.

Whether you believe this or not, you carry around a wealth of information about your industry and what it is you do. Information your customers and potential customers want and need to know. Sometimes it’s hard to realize this since we are so close to our businesses. It’s easy for us to think that everyone already knows what it is we do and we have really nothing left to tell them.

There are probably little secrets and tips you do in your work daily that come second nature to you and would be useful advice to others. Most likely, you could create several “how to” reports just from this knowledge database alone.

But, if you just can’t think of anything on your own, do a few internet searches on your industry. Go through your trade magazines. Lots of ideas can be found in these. Visit the library and check out some reference books. Endless sources of information are already out there.

By you finding it, organizing it, and making it available to your prospects, you will become more credible. Offering this information will also educate your prospects. It will make them feel they know more about you. They will then come to rely on you as a trusted resource.

Consider free reports an alternate way to package your information to sell your clients on your business. Helpful guides, instead of the normal boring brochure or flyer that everyone else has.

One important tip though – don’t forget the call to action. Whatever you want them to do, make sure it’s in there.

The best way to use free reports is as lead generators or as a way to get people to raise their hands to let you know they are interested in your stuff.

You could offer a free report or reports on your web site. You could run a pay-per-click campaign. You could offer a free report in your yellow page ad. You could run a direct mail campaign.

Virtually any where you advertise, throw in the offer of a free report and attract all the right prospects to your business.

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Author: Kathy Jiamboi

Owner of Creativedge Marketing, where growth-oriented dentists find dental practice marketing strategies and advice to take their practice to a new and higher level.

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