For Dental Practice Owners

How to Get More Production
with Monthly Memberships

Join Kathy Jiamboi for a webcast
featuring Elliott Feldman of EmpowerDDS.


What you’ll learn:


How to make dental care more affordable and desirable with a popular sales model


How to create a loyal patient base and adapt to today's culture


How to flatten cash flow peaks and valleys

About the Speakers

Kathy Jiamboi

Elliott Feldman


Elliot is President of EmpowerDDS, which he started in 2019. His company provides a fully customizable membership software that matches patient needs with the services the dental offices provide. 

Keep your practice moving forward and attractive to your patients with a membership plan powered by Empower DDS!

Kathy Jiamboi

Kathy Jiamboi

Creativedge Marketing

Creativedge Marketing is an agency and consultant who works exclusively for dentists. Our focus is on your entire practice as a whole encompassing all aspects of marketing (internal, digital/ online, and external/traditional marketing). We will uncover where your best growth opportunities lie. Then, through our Predictable Patient Growth Process,™ we implement a proven path to growth. This process will reliably and predictably grow a dental practice in as little as six months saving you both time and money.

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