REACH – Develop Your Brand and Your Story

Competition is ever increasing in the dental world. You need to set yourself and your dental practice apart from all the other practices in your market area. You need to elevate yourself from being “just another dentist in town.”

The key is to establish your story and your practice’s brand.

Your story is what makes you different from every other dental practice and why a patient would choose you. Your brand is what comes to mind when your patients and prospective patients think of your practice. This is not just your logo. Your logo is one element that goes into what comprises your brand. Your story and brand create an emotional response and is everything your patients experience by interacting with you and your practice. Your story and brand begins at the initial point of patient contact and continues throughout the entirety of the relationship with you.


Creativedge Marketing will work with you to establish the perfect identity for your practice and then carry that brand across your marketing channels, including:

Develop and Create Your Story
Brand Identity / Logo Design
Brochures and Presentation Materials
Social Media Marketing
Website Design and Development
Online Directory Listings
On-Site Search Engine Optimization
Off-Site Search Engine Optimization
Direct Mail
Marketing Automation
Facebook Ads Campaigns and Management
Google Adwords Campaigns and Management

REPUTATION – Online Presence Marketing

Your reputation is your #1 asset. It’s what you used to build your business. It’s what will keep in growing. It’s online right now whether you are doing anything about it or not.

Let’s face it, online reviewers can make or break your business. With 79% of people trusting online reviews as much as personal recommendations, this is your external referral system for getting more customers. Your online referral system is one to many, unlike your internal referral system which is one to one. Your online referral system works for you 24/7. It’s also not time and place contingent like your internal referrals.

But online reviews are only part of the equation. Major changes have taken place online that directly affect local practices and their ability to attract new patients. Being on top of these changes is critical in establishing online dominance over your competitors. Ignoring these changes is certain to put your business in a disadvantageous position making it harder for you to catch up.


We are on the cutting edge with a proven multi-step system helping practices build 5-star reputations, then marketing those reputations to deliver more patients to your business while at the same time working to strengthen your online authority. Other online marketing services offered include:

Develop and Create Your Story
Brand Identity / Logo Design
Website Design and Development
Printed newsletters
Online Reviews System
YouTube Videos

REFERRALS – Referral Strategy

Acquiring new patients is a must for every dental office. Almost every dentist we work with wants to know how they can get more new patients. You need a long-term plan for getting new patients through the doors of your practice whether you are new to dentistry or an established dental practice.

Both internal and external marketing programs are very important in getting new patients. Your practice marketing has to be consistent, constant, and memorable. That is a tough thing to do for most solo practitioners and even for some group practices.


We will work with you to develop a referral strategy from existing patients and/or referral partners.

Internal Referral Strategy and System
Online Reviews System

RETENTION – Patient Loyalty

Changing patient population is a fact of life in any dental practice. Therefore, patient retention is vital to the success of the practice. Patients move and patients die, but the majority of patients leave their dentist because there is a perceived attitude of indifference and a lack of a strong relationship that builds the loyalty needed for the patient to stay put.

Our communication programs focus on building the bond between you and your patients and/or referral sources, giving them a reason to return to you again and again and opening the pathway to more referrals.


E-newsletters and/or printed newsletters are delivered monthly to your patients or referral sources to keep the channel of communication open, build loyalty and generate referrals.

Printed newsletters
Recall / Reactivation Systems
Patient Appreciation

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