Online Marketing

Online, web, or digital marketing is what everyone is talking about these days and what every dentist needs. It is using the Internet to reach potential patients through organic search, paid search, website, social media, blogging, reviews, videos and more. Online marketing has the advantage of reaching a lot of people in targeted areas 24/7. When someone searches for a dentist in your city, the goal is to make you show up in the top results. Get more visibility online. Advertise your practice on Google and Facebook. Get 5-star reviews to prove to your potential patient that you are a trusted practice.

What can online marketing do for you?

Online marketing helps you get you found by new patients and help you stay in front of your current patients.

Initiatives Include:

  • Organic Search Engine Optimization, including:
    • Online Directories and Listings
    • Social Media
    • Fresh Content for your Website
    • Videos
  • Search Engine Optimization of Website
  • Website Design and Development
  • Consistent Branding Across Online Channels
  • Online Review System & Reputation Marketing
  • Paid Traffic, including:
    • Google Adwords
    • Facebook Campaigns

Traditional Marketing

Traditional marketing is the term used when a business uses the old tried-and-true methods of media to advertise. This form of marketing falls under these mediums: broadcast, print, direct mail, outdoor, and on-site/event marketing. Traditional marketing has stayed around because it has proven to be a successful form of advertising. Rather than a potential patient searching for a dentist, you are bringing your practice to the prospective patient.

What can traditional marketing do for you?

Create more reach for your services. Traditional marketing offers the perfect outlets for those wanting to expand their reach.

Initiatives Include:

Direct Mail Campaigns
Printed Newsletters
Local/Community Opportunities
Community Outreach
Exterior Signage

Internal Marketing

The goal of internal marketing is to keep the patients you have. It is all about retention rather than acquisition. It is just as important as traditional and online marketing are for acquiring new patients. Marketing does not stop once a new patient sets up their first appointment. You want them to be a loyal patient for a long time.

What can internal marketing do for you?

Internal marketing maximizes patient satisfaction by improving customer service and providing more value to your patients, and costs you relatively little to do so.

Initiatives Include:

  • Referral Programs
  • Patient Communications
  • New Patient Experience
  • Practice Brochures & Guides
  • Interior Signage
  • Exterior Banners
  • Patient Appreciation Events
  • Patient Recognition
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