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Online/Digital Marketing

Online, web, or digital marketing is what everyone is talking about these days and is definitely what every dentist needs. It is using the Internet to reach potential patients through organic search, paid search, dental websites, social media, blogging, reviews, videos, and more.

Online marketing has the advantage of reaching a lot of people in targeted areas 24/7. When someone searches for a dentist in your city, the goal is to make you show up in the top results. Get more visibility online. Advertise your practice on Google and Facebook. Use dental SEO services. Get 5-star reviews to prove to your potential patient that you are a trusted practice.

With digital marketing for dental practices, you can start out small or you can go big. Your goals are what matters. We will design a program with our dental marketing services just for you.

What can online marketing do for you?

When someone searches for a dentist in your city, the goal is to get prospects to find you and for them to become your next new patient. Online marketing helps you get found by new patients and helps you stay in front of your current patients.

Our Initiatives Include:

Online Review System

Your reputation is your #1 asset. It’s what you used to build your business. It’s what will keep it growing.

Your reputation is online right now whether or not you are doing anything about it. It’s important to be in control of it.

Online reviews (or public referrals, as we like to call them) work every hour of every day. Their reach is far greater than the one-on-one referrals you get from your patients.

Quality reviews get you to show up more often in search, especially when they are loaded with the keywords people are searching for. Reviews that are genuine and detailed evoke emotion and build trust and credibility with your prospective patient.

Why our review system is simply the best:

  • It’s easy. You get reviews instantly on Google, Facebook, and Healthgrades via our proprietary technology with minimal staff involvement.
  • We ask at the right time so you get detailed reviews that evoke emotion.
  • We work to get your reviews shared on other review sites so they are seen in multiple places.
  • We market your reviews on your social channels to further expand their reach and your exposure.
  • We help to respond to your reviews so your patients are acknowledged.
  • We monitor results, send you daily feedback, and weekly stats on your reviews.
Social Media Marketing

An active presence and engagement on social media works to build relationships with your current patients and earn trust with potential patients.

Activity on social media will also improve your search ranking.

What we do:

  • Create brand-consistent graphics for your social channels.
  • Optimize your channels making sure information and features are correct and complete.
  • Post dental-related content and special event/holiday observances.
  • Share any content you send to us
  • Post your special offers, events, and promotions.
  • Assist with contests and post boosting.
Online Listings

Online listings are a major factor in search rankings,especially for local businesses like your dental practice. The more consistent your information is across the Internet, the more confident search engines are in showing your practice in search results, allowing you toget in front of more people.

If someone is looking for a dentist, chances are they are going to whip out their smartphone and do a quick search. If they can’t find you or your information is not accurate it could be a missed opportunity. If your practice has relocated or changed ownership, chances are there is a lot of inaccurate information online. This could lead to a potential problem for patients trying to find your physical location.

What we do:

  • Locate, claim, and update the top major listings for your practice.
  • Correct misinformation and complete profiles thoroughly.
  • Remove/merge duplicate or conflicting listings.
  • Collect and maintain usernames and passwords.
Google Paid Traffic

Having a site show up organically on the first page is really the BIG GOAL and it can take time; sometimes a long time depending on your local market and your competition’s marketing. Using Google Adwords will get you the1st-page exposureyou want for your practice.

Paid searchtargets people who need your service right now. These ads work like traditional billboards, except they are only shown at the very top of search results to people who are looking for your services, rather than being broadcast to many people in hopes they might need what you’re offering. With paid search, your ads are very targeted, utilizing location, demographics, and your keyword terms.

What we do:

  • Create your Adwords campaigns with your given budget.
  • Manage your account to make sure it’s delivering optimal results for your investment.
  • Provide monthly reporting on your campaign’s success.
Facebook Paid Traffic

Facebook is a great way to stay engaged with your patients, grow your following, drive traffic to your site, provide valuable information, and spread the word about promotions. That’s just a portion of Facebook’s impact.

Facebook advertising offers your practice a truly targeted approach to reach the right people in a social environment where over 1.5 billion people are active each day. Depending on your promotion or campaign, we will select the right target audience to maximize your dollars spent.

What we do:

  • Create your campaigns with your given budget.
  • Manage your account to make sure it’s delivering optimal results for your investment.
  • Provide monthly reporting on your campaign’s success.
Device Targeting

With data on over 240 million US adults, including demographics, IP addresses, device IDs, and opted-in email addresses, we no longer have to guess at how to reach your prospective patients; we know.

We can reach your target audience, including those who are patients of your competitors.

Every mobile phone and tablet has a unique device ID used to tell it apart from every other device out there. These IDs are frequently captured from converted clicks of paid search campaigns and then leveraged for re-marketing campaigns. With our location and device targeting, we don’t have to capture and convert to reach these devices. We go direct, connecting your marketing to the right mobile phones and tablets.

What we do:

  • Offer the best means of delivering your messaging to your desired patients, including those of your competition.
  • Drive advertising so when a device is active, marketing messages will be served
  • Know exactly who became a new patient of your practice as a result.
  • Provide monthly reports on your campaign’s success.
Marketing Automation

You spent money on a paid traffic campaign that brought prospective patients to your website landing page…but then what? Don’t lose them forever if they didn’t take action and contact you immediately.

With marketing automation, you can start communicating immediately to begin the “conversation” and get more prospects to convert to scheduled patients. Automation works by “dropping” interested prospective patients into a communication system and then following up with them with valuable information and offers.

Our hands-off email marketing campaigns are designed to communicate with your prospective patient, moving them along the path, and working to convert them into your next new patient.

What we do:

  • Create multi-step campaigns that will run automatically based on your goals and the actions you want your prospective patient to take.
  • Develop the right messages to send at the right time.
  • Monitor, measure, manage the system and provide reporting.

Your dental website should be more than just a glorified brochure. It should be your story and why a potential patient would choose your dental practice over every other practice in your town. Your website needs clear messaging, real photos, and visible calls to action.

Most dental websites are chock-full of canned content and stock photos, making it difficult for a prospective patient to truly understand your brand and make an emotional connection with your practice.

You want your website to be customized for you to make you stand out from the crowd.

Our websites will:

  • Generate traffic and get prospective patients to your site.
  • Be interesting and engaging to get those people to hang around your site.
  • Offer an easy way to get them to take action.
  • Be optimized for search, responsive, secure, modern, and purposeful.
  • Be owned by you without having to pay monthly leasing fees.
Website SEO

Not getting the traffic you hoped for? Is your site buried in pages upon pages of search results?

Everyone wants to have that “first” position (or at least be on Page One) in Google search results. Just having a website isn’t enough. There’s a lot that can be done with dental DEO marketing ‘behind the scenes’ to make your site is attractive to Google and other search engines.

Dental SEO tactics will get your site noticed by Google so you can rank higher in search and increase your visibility.

Our approach:

  • Since each website is unique, we will perform an assessment of your dental website and develop a custom SEO marketing plan.
Dentist Near Me Reviews

We have developed our own every-growing dental directory website. DentistNearMeReviews.com is not only a database of dental professionals across the country, it’s a place where potential patients can search for a local dentist, read reviews, and learn about dental services/procedures and types of dentists. We are continually updating and adding content to keep the site fresh and visible to search engines.

For dentists, this site will build your reputation and trust, and increase your online visibility.

How it works:

  • Anyone can have a free listing, which includes basic contact information
  • Upgrade to a featured “TOP DENTIST” listing to add information about you and your practice, logo and a photo, office hours, a Facebook feed, review feed, and social links (great for offsite SEO!)
  • You can be seen as a dental expert in your area. Each month we ask our dentists a common dental question that you can personally answer to gain even more visibility and trust. We then will share on your social media channels.
traditional marketing

Traditional Marketing

Traditional marketing is the term used when a business uses the old tried-and-true methods of media to advertise. This form of marketing falls under these mediums: broadcast (Radio/TV), print (newspapers/magazines), direct mail (postcards), outdoor (billboard), and on-site/event marketing.

Traditional marketing has stayed around because it has proven to be a successful form of advertising. Rather than a potential patient searching for a dentist, you are bringing your practice to the prospective patient.

What can traditional marketing do for you?

Create more reach for your services. Traditional marketing offers the perfect outlets for those wanting to expand their reach and bring in new patients.

Our Initiatives Include:

  • Direct Mail Campaigns
  • Billboards
  • Newspapers
  • Magazines
  • Printed Newsletters
  • Local/Community Opportunities
  • Radio/TV
  • Community Outreach
  • Exterior Signage
internal marketing

Internal Marketing

The goal of internal marketing is to keep the patients you have. It is all about retention rather than acquisition. Internal Marketing is just as important as traditional and online marketing are for acquiring new patients. Marketing does not stop once a new patient sets up their first appointment. You want them to be a loyal patient for a long time.

What can internal marketing do for you?

Internal marketing maximizes patient satisfaction by improving customer service and providing more value to your patients, and costs you relatively little to do so.

Our Initiatives Include:

  • Referral Programs
  • Patient Communications
  • New Patient Experience
  • Practice Brochures & Guides
  • Interior Signage
  • Exterior Banners
  • Patient Appreciation Events
  • Patient Recognition
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