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The Importance of Personal Branding and How to Start

During a teleseminar I once held on “How to Get Customers with Social Media”, I talked about the importance of getting your own domain name and developing your personal and practice brand by using a blog and creating content. Branding is nothing new, especially to big companies. Personal branding is talked about year after year and with all the social media sites out there, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be taking advantage of it to brand yourself.

Online, your personal brand is your worldwide public identity; just one simple search, and one click away. So, it’s important to thoughtfully consider what you want to be known for both professionally and personally.

By establishing your brand you have a perfect opportunity to showcase your uniqueness and set yourself apart from your competition. You give your customers and potential customers an easy way to learn what you and your business stand for.

When you think of Donald Trump and Oprah, their names conjure up defining aspects of who they are and what they stand for. They are excellent examples of what a personal brand can do.

Here’s how to establish your brand online:

Step 1

Register your name as a domain name. For example www.kathyjiamboi.com

Step 2

Then, with your domain name, create a blog. You can do this with WordPress. WordPress is a web-based publishing platform that is easy to use and free. Go to wordpress.org and view the many templates available. You can also use WordPress to build an entire website, not just your blog.

Point of Interest

It’s a good idea to have multiple domain names. You can have one be your main domain, and have the other domain(s) forward to the main one. Or, another option is to have a landing page on the secondary domain that directs people to your main site. Below, we have two examples of how this might look.

Example 1:



Both of these URLs take you to the same website.

Example 2:



BestDentalTeam.com is the doctor’s main website and the DentistBeachwoodOH.com domain (which is a search phrase people may put into Google) is a microsite. This secondary site gives you some information about the doctor, but has links that redirect you to his main website.

Having multiple domain names that link to a main website or landing pages helps you establish more of a presence online and gives people more options to find you based on their searches.

Step 3

Next, you will need a web host that is WordPress compatible.

Step 4

Be sure to include a picture of yourself. This will help build familiarity with your readers.

Step 5

Start blogging!

Some ways to use your blog include:

  1. Offering helpful information or tips like I do with my blog.
  2. Use it as a platform to communicate product information, new developments and status changes within your company or on your products.
  3. Use it as a newsletter.

One more thing to consider—

Besides all the positive reasons to create your personal brand, there is also a defensive purpose. You want to prevent an unscrupulous person from profiting off of you or using your name to damage your company or your reputation. Anyone can buy a domain name. Make sure you own yours.

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Author: Kathy Jiamboi

Owner of Creativedge Marketing, where growth-oriented dentists find dental practice marketing strategies and advice to take their practice to a new and higher level.

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