Oftentimes, it’s easy to just get caught up in a routine at the office, but if you get the RIGHT routine down, your new patients will be absolutely delighted with their first visit and excited for their next!

I recently experienced this first-hand. I was looking for a new dentist and started the way most would; find a few options close to home and start researching them online. You might be thinking, “sure you know what to look for given what you do for a living,” but I assure you that no matter what the product or service, these are the things that real customers look for in the buying process.

I visited their website and their Facebook page. I was looking for those hot buttons that would make me pick up the phone and call for an appointment…this included finding a plethora of good reviews, seeing how experienced and knowledgeable the doc is, if they offer a patient membership plan (since I don’t have dental insurance), and if they are a “complete package.”

With my initial research done, I finally decided on an office to try. Boy did they get it right just on the first call! A very friendly voice answered the phone, proceeded to answer all my questions, and asked me when was a convenient time for me to come in. She informed me I would be emailed the new patient forms (which were conveniently submitted online, no papers needed!), and I was reminded via email and text about my upcoming appointment. ☑️

When I got to the appointment, I was welcomed and asked who referred me (another ☑️). They had a really generous contest going on for people who give referrals to win a Big Green Egg, which I knew about because of an email I received and reinforced by a poster I saw in the office.

I waited only a few minutes in their socially-distanced waiting area and then was taken back. I expected to go right to my room but was instead given a tour of the office, introduced to team members, and provided with great information about the services they provide (I’ve been to lots of doctors’ offices and this was a first for me!). ☑️☑️

When I arrived at my chair, we did a rinse, checked my BP, and then came another first for me: they asked about ME. Not the general stuff or medical history, but to really get to know me, my family, what I do, what makes me apprehensive, and what is most important to me in my dental care. WOAH, what?! I’ve never had an office put forth this much effort to make me not feel like just another mouth and paycheck. ☑️☑️☑️

The X-rays were taken, the cleaning went well, then I met the doc for his exam; all went seamless. They did so many things throughout my initial interactions that were above and beyond my expectation, which reassured me that I made a good call! And the thing was…none of it felt like they had to try too hard to do it—they were pros, and really had it all down like a well-oiled machine.

I wanted to share this to make you think about what the experience is like for your new patients. If they would say all this, then you are doing pretty good! But, most likely, there’s always room for improvement.

Consider phone training to make sure you are getting those hot leads scheduled. Use an optimized patient communication system that is automated and keeps you in front of your patients. Have a review system that asks for reviews right after they leave and the details are still fresh in their mind. Have a referral system in place that incentivizes patients to tell others about their experience.

If you don’t have these systems down, we can help! We would be happy to make sure your patients have the same amazing experience with your practice!


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Author: Kathy Jiamboi

Owner of Creativedge Marketing, where growth-oriented dentists find dental practice marketing strategies and advice to take their practice to a new and higher level.

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