location based marketing

Location Based Marketing

What is Location-based Marketing? How Can I Use It in My Dental Practice?

Marketing technologies are moving faster than almost anyone can keep up with. Some of the latest trends and newest technologies have led us to an increase in location-based marketing. Location-based marketing is a marketing strategy that uses smartphone technology to send alerts to a mobile device and notify the owner of a nearby company’s offer.

How does a business know a person is nearby?

It’s something called geofencing. Geofencing utilizes GPS and RFID to set predetermined geographical “fences.” A person triggers an alert when their device crosses the “fence” and enters the predetermined area. Please note that the end-user typically needs to “opt-in” to your offer in order to receive alerts.

Geofencing has had many uses in the past, from supply chain management to law enforcement and everything in between. Marketers are now reaping the benefits of geofencing and location-based marketing. Could the time be now to implement this strategy into your dental practice marketing?

Below are a few examples of how your practice can benefit from location-based marketing.

1. Send an offer to your patients in the waiting room.

Imagine that a patient comes into your office for their appointment and sits down in your waiting room. What if, instead of having them just sit there, you had an opportunity to sell to them? With location-based marketing, when that patient comes into your waiting room, you can send an alert to their phone with today’s offers. You can offer your patients things like 25% of teeth whitening, free cosmetic consultation, etc. If these offers are made available only while the patient is in the office, there is a higher possibility they will take advantage of your offer.

2. The power of retargeting.

Okay, so your patient came into your waiting room, had some interest in your offer, clicked on the link to your webpage to see details about the offer, but didn’t act on the offer. Are they now lost? Of course not. These patients quickly become retargeted. This means that you have the opportunity to put these offers in front of them on websites like Facebook, WebMD, and many, many others. This happens because you have identified your customer, what services they are interested in, and what they might buy. Retargeting is one of the best, if not the best, way to make your marketing hyper-targeted.

3. It’s not only for when a patient enters your location, but also when they leave.

A patient comes into your office, undergoes a routine cleaning, and then leaves. When they leave your office, and also your specified geofenced area, you can send them a mobile alert. There are many options you can choose from for this alert. You can simply send them an alert thanking them for their visit and asking them to review their experience, or you can give them one last opportunity to redeem your in-office offer. Regardless of what your message is, an alert as they leave is an excellent opportunity to improve retention rate.

4. Send an alert to patients that have gone longer than 6 months between visits.

The beauty of location-based marketing is that you know when a person is there, how long they stay, and if, or when, they came back. Location-based marketing is an easy way to send reminders to your patients. If you have a patient that hasn’t been to your practice in over 200 days, you can send them an alert linking them to some content about why dental check ups every 6 months are important. This is a great way to try to get patients to come back for their visits. There is no other marketing available that gives you targeting this specific.

When considering location-based marketing, it is important to utilize it correctly. None of your patients want to download your app and be bombarded with offers and alerts every day. If you do this, you will turn a lot of people off. However, the occasional reminder, or occasional offer, will reflect well on your brand. If you have any questions about location-based marketing, or want to get started, feel free to reach out to Creativedge Marketing.

Author: Kathy Jiamboi

Owner of Creativedge Marketing, where growth-oriented dentists find dental practice marketing strategies and advice to take their practice to a new and higher level.

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