You have possibly heard practice owners whining that their online marketing strategy is simply not working. We actually hear it a lot. When we ask them exactly what their internet marketing strategy is, we hear a similar story.

Where internet marketing is concerned, a lot of foolish errors are being made.

Here, we will talk about the five most common mistakes we see and how you can avoid them:

  1. The first not so good internet marketing error that we see often is doctors trusting their internet marketing specialist completely. Certainly, in any kind of business relationship, you must be able to trust the folks that are working on your behalf. But you do not want to trust them to the point where you forget or ignore what they stated they were going to do for you and what the outcome should be. The only true way to know what they are doing for you is to have regular status meetings with them and hold them accountable. Many companies do not and/or will not do this. First of all, it takes time to update the client on what is happening. Second, everything isn’t always moving in a forward motion each and every month. No one wants to report less than favorable findings. However, this is precisely what you need to be aware of. You do not want to find out after one year that things have never been moving in the right direction. So, rule number one—make sure whoever you are working with is going to be accountable. Period.
  2. Another crazy mistake people make is thinking that internet marketing is going to resolve all of their advertising problems and be the only medium they will ever need. Certainly online marketing is essential, but ignoring some of the traditional means of advertising for your business is going to prevent others from learning about your practice as well as reinforcing your message to those who have found you online. It’s never good to have just one method of marketing. You need to think of your marketing like a pie with each slice representing a piece of your marketing.
  3. The third online marketing error that people make (and this is a BIG one we see more often than I care to mention) is not tracking results or where your new patients are coming from and the amount of production they are producing. When starting any advertising campaign, you want to know this information. There is no way for you to make intelligent decisions about your strategy if you are not looking at the numbers. With that being said, many of the online marketing tactics are very hard to track. For example, someone may have been referred to you by a friend and decided to check you out online first. Of course, if you look stellar online you win the appointment. However, if in their search for you they run across another dentist who looks much better than you, you could lose that appointment. In either case, you may not learn the real reason they did or did not schedule with you.
  4. The fourth foolish error is not having an updated website. There are lots of practices out there that this applies to. Right now, the best kind of website to have from a search engine and user perspective is a responsive site or one where your website conforms to the size of the device the person is using. With the number of mobile searches surpassing desktop searches in 2015, if your site is outdated, so are you and your practice to that prospective patient. Oh and you can’t forget about the 800 pound gorilla, Google.
  5. Finally, the 5th online marketing strategy blunder is to not have an internet marketing strategy. Everyone needs one. The internet is what the phonebook was back in the day only SO MUCH MORE. People are searching for you whether you are doing all you can online or not. You want to be found in the most positive light possible so it is a no-brainer to pick your practice over your competition.

Author: Kathy Jiamboi

Owner of Creativedge Marketing, where growth-oriented dentists find dental practice marketing strategies and advice to take their practice to a new and higher level.

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