Practice Growth Analysis Survey

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The information you provide will guide us in outlining where your best opportunities lie in your practice to attract more new patients and grow revenue from your existing patients. We promise to keep your information safe and confidential.

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How would you best describe your practice?

Which of the following would you say is your biggest challenge right now?

Would you say your practice has been

In the next year, do you expect your practice revenue to

My annual gross revenue is

My average monthly collections are

How many office locations do you have?

How many full-time doctors in your practice?

How many full-time hygienists?

How many part-time hygienists?

1 out of 6

How many active patients (seen within the last 18 months) are in your database?

How many inactive patients (not seen within the last 18 months) are in your database?

What is your patient retention rate percentage?

How many total patients on average do you see in your practice each month?

How many total patients would you like to see each month?

How many new patients on average do you get each month?

How many new patients would you like to get each month?

In the last year, what was your treatment acceptance rate?

How many referrals on average do you receive each month?

2 out of 6

Which of the following best describes your current situation?

How would you describe your marketing’s performance?

Please select the marketing activities you are currently doing:

Do you offer teledentistry?
Do you have a Smile Club or dental savings plan?
Please list any marketing projects or ideas you may have either begun and not finished or would like to start:

What will more patients do for you?

3 out of 6

Do you have a formalized, patient referral generating system working right now that your team members use and follow?

Do you have an automated recall/reactivation system?

Do you have a patient reactivation system (beyond an automated system) that your team members use and follow?

How often do you follow up once a patient falls off your hygiene schedule?

How many different methods (phone, email, text, mail) do you use to communicate with your patients to get them back on your schedule?

4 out of 6

Which patient communication system do you use?

How often do you send quality, personal, educational e-mails out to your patients and/or prospective patients?

Do you have articles, special reports or books you’ve written to use for promotional positioning?

Do you have a reliable system for getting consistent reviews and are you getting them where they matter most (Google, Facebook, and Healthgrades)?

Do you have a mobile-friendly, secure website that is highly personalized with clear call to actions for patients to contact you?

Do you have effective search engine optimization (both onsite and offsite) that generates more patients?

5 out of 6

Do you know exactly where all of your new patients are coming from?

Do you know your cost of acquiring new patients?

Do you know what your return on investment is for each marketing source you are currently using?

Do you have a written marketing strategy and tactical implementation plan you continuously apply and follow?

If “yes,” do you regularly monitor and measure results and performance of each element and make adjustments when performance drops or does not meet the specific goals you’ve established?

Who manages your marketing now?

What % of your gross revenue do you spend on marketing?

Imagine it is 12 months from now, what ONE goal if achieved would make the most difference in your life and your practice?

6 out of 6

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