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Here’s a short list of some of the marketing tools and resources we have been using for many years (some close to 20 years) that will show you how to grow your dental practice.

They are all complimentary to you!

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The Complete Guide to Getting More Patient Referrals

Struggling with ways to get more patients referrals? Then this complete guide to getting more referrals is for you.

Get Your Free Guide: Getting More Patient Referrals
Get Your Free Guide: Direct Mail Elements

The 8 Critical Elements EVERY Ad or Direct Mail Piece Must Have to Get Better Response

We see a lot of bad ads out there. Ads that do nothing to get response. Unless you have an unlimited bank account, you need the money you spend on advertising to produce results. This guide will make that a reality for you.

The Ultimate Guide to Getting Online Reviews

We like to say Online Reviews are patients referrals on steroids. They work for you 24/7. They are not time and place contingent. And, they serve far more people than you could ever get to through your existing patients. Get this guide if you want to dominate online with 5 star ratings everywhere.

Get Your Free Guide: Online Reviews
Get Your Free Adwords Audit

Complimentary Google Adwords Audit

Are you spending more than $1,500 per month on Adwords? It may be time to run a check to see if your campaigns are being maximized. This audit costs you nothing and in more than 80% of the cases will show you where you are throwing money away.

Trusted Professionals

We know some of the BEST professionals in the dental niche. Check out what they offer and see if they would be a good fit for you.

Midwest Implant Institute
Through Hands-On Live Surgery, they teach dentists how to perform safe, predictable and successful implant surgeries. They offer various courses, externship, and MII fellowship to take your dentistry to the next level.
Ken Runkle | Paragon Management Associates, Inc.
Based on over 30 years of consulting with over 1,000 dental practices, Ken delivers strategic and common sense solutions upon which to build an efficient and consistently growing practice.
Ren Egbert | Select Professionals
Select Professionals is a consultancy firm specializing in the selection and evaluation of candidates for professional associate and associate/partnership positions.
Sleep Optima Dental Network, LLC.
They offer everything you need to succeed as a sleep dentistry provider: education and training for your staff, continuing education for dentists, home sleep testing services, medical insurance billing, and medical oversight.
Karen Marshall | Vero3 Consulting
A Unique Combination of Clinical Expertise and Practice Management.
Patient Referral Guide

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