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6 Profitable Tactics for Dental Practices Post COVID-19

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You have most likely experienced the pent-up demand for your services and been able to benefit from it after the “shutdown.” However, as we all know, nothing lasts forever. It’s inevitable that within 2–3 months, you will experience a decline in demand.

Dentists who decide to “stay the course” and not make any moves to adapt their practice to the changing dental climate will experience the effects of this the most. But those dentists who have the foresight and take action now to adapt will be the ones who capture as many new high-quality patients as possible and will sustain loyalty in existing patients.

By adjusting your strategy, you can ensure the demand you experienced when you re-opened will continue the next 2–3 months from now, and into the future.

Throughout the past 11 years, we’ve had the opportunity of executing successful strategy and marketing plans for many dental practices.

The tactics in this guide are a small (but mighty) part of the strategy we are implementing in many of the practices we serve.

To make sure the COVID-19 closure of your practice in 2020 is only a minor “glitch” and not a full-blown tragedy that defines your practice into the future, we are honored to share these best tactics with you. Our strengths lie in strategy, executing tools and tactics, and actionable metrics.

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“I have been working with the Creativedge team for less than a year and the results have outstanding. Having worked with 4 other marketing companies previously, the differences are profound. And I have learned something from each encounter, but Kathy and her team’s creativity and perseverance put them light-years ahead of my previous marketeers. I was starting to get some excellent traction with my implant and cosmetic consultations requests before COVID, but they have gone out the roof since reopening, and I have had my best 2 months ever, in regards to new patient appointments, booking large implant and cosmetic cases, and monthly production (a 75/% over my previous avg monthly production). I am blown away by the results of Creative Edge’s unique attraction strategies. I hesitated to give them a testimonial because I didn’t wish to lose my marketing edge to any other offices, but sheer gratitude and elation made me give credit where credit was due !!!🤗💪”

James Lalonde DDS,DICOI

Lafayette Implants & Cosmetic Dentistry

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