Valentine’s Day is fast approaching. Have you made your plans?

Flowers, candy, a romantic candle-lit dinner all sound like fine ideas…but we’re talking about your marketing plans.

If marketing your practice for Valentine’s Day hasn’t even occurred to you, make sure you read on to understand what you’ve been missing.

Why are Holidays are huge opportunities for your practice?

A holiday makes for an easy opportunity to help your practice on multiple levels. It’s a great chance to…

  • Improve your engagement on social media
  • Increase your reputation with more patient reviews
  • Get more patients through referrals

Engagement on social media, while appearing indirect, helps your practice in many ways. Search engines like Google keep track of the activity on your social channels, and how many people are active there, they actually use it as one of the factors when deciding on where to show your practice in search rankings. Listings may get rewarded and found higher in search with a more active social channel.

And, when your patients engage with your practice online, their friends and family see it as well, increasing their familiarity with your practice—a good first step in their journey to potentially becoming new patients.

How can you promote your practice this Valentine’s Day?

So, how do take advantage of the holiday to increase engagement, and how can this lead to more online reviews and referrals?

It’s easy: Do a giveaway or a contest.

A holiday-themed raffle is a great way to get your patients excited—everyone loves a chance to get something for free and it’s a chance to show some patient appreciation.

Find some prizes or gift-cards that will appeal to your patients, and tie entries into the drawing to activities you would like your patients to perform. These could be likes and comments for your post or putting their name into the drawing when they leave online feedback for your practice. Another idea is to offer someone who refers a new patent to your office three entries into the drawing, rather than just the one for a review or comment. The more the patient does to engage with your practice online, the more opportunities they’ll have for getting picked in the drawing.

Doing giveaways like these on a regular basis is far better than just doing them occasionally, too, as your patients will be more incentivized to follow your social media posts and emails, keeping an eye out for that next giveaway (and making them more open to other promotions you may be doing).

We help many of our clients with events like these and have seen them produce great results.

Patient communication is key

If you haven’t been focusing on your patient communication channels, you might find getting started to be a bit tricky, as a special event won’t get much traction if your patients don’t hear about it.

Make sure you’re using every tool available to keep your patients informed. This means…

  • Do posts on your social media channels to let everyone know what’s going on
  • Send out an email campaign to all of your patients
  • Tell patients about the giveaway in-person when they visit your office

Doing this on a regular basis can build momentum which will ultimately lead to more growth for your practice. Don’t let a holiday slip by without taking advantage of the opportunity it presents!

Too busy to do it yourself?

We get it; you’re busy with patients and everything else you have to do for your practice. You’d like to do something for Valentine’s Day, but you just don’t have the time to spare.

No problem! We can do the hard work for you.

Order our completely done-for-you contest for your patients to “Guess how many candy hearts are in the jar” for the chance to win a prize of your choosing.

valentines promo

Creativedge Marketing is offering a DONE-FOR-YOU Valentine’s Day promotion. Let us take care of creating everything you need and getting it all out to your patients in time for the holiday.

We will provide a completely done-for-you contest which includes:

  • floor banner
  • email campaign
  • social media campaign (contest and winner announcement graphics and text)
  • instructions

Interested? All we need from you is your logo and what prize you’d like to give away and we will do the rest!


Click here to schedule a call so we can get your details, or send us an email and include your logo and prize.


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Author: Kathy Jiamboi

Owner of Creativedge Marketing, where growth-oriented dentists find dental practice marketing strategies and advice to take their practice to a new and higher level.

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