As a healthcare service provider, there are many security and privacy items you should be aware of on the patient side of things, but have you considered how you can better protect yourself and your staff?

With all of the technological advances these days, there is definitely more we should be aware of and act on. I recently heard an IT security professional speak at a dental event. Here is a list of precautions he recommended you can take to protect your practice and your team:

  1. Simplify Web Content – Do not publish any personal information of your team, such as last names, important dates, spouse and children’s names, and pet names online. These are all things a hacker could use to try and gain access to their personal information. With identity theft as a major concern these days, not posting this information is an easy way to avoid putting you or your staff at additional risk.
  2. Restrict Access – Make sure that no-one is able to access information if a staff member steps out of the room where you may have computers or files. You’d be surprised how easy it would be for a random person to gain access to your patient or your personal information while no one is looking.
  3. Can I have your WiFi password? – Almost everyone has WiFi these days. Patients expect places of business to offer it as a simple convenience. Be sure your guest WiFi is password protected and is only given to your patients. If you have the password on a sign, make sure the sign is not visible from an outside window or door. You don’t want someone outside your office to have the capability of using your WiFi for anything illegal or compromising.
  4. Social Pics – It’s so engaging to post pictures on your social channels when fun things are happening at your office…Lucas had a cavity-free visit, Mary won last month’s contest, Thomas sent the office a treat. But did you get a photo release from them?! Make sure you have their permission to use their photo so you don’t get in a legal snafu!

These are just four quick items you can easily implement now to protect your practice. When we hear about something new, we will be sure and make you aware!

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Author: Kathy Jiamboi

Owner of Creativedge Marketing, where growth-oriented dentists find dental practice marketing strategies and advice to take their practice to a new and higher level.

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