What I want to share with you this week is a little bit on the section about testimonials from the book, The Brain Audit. We all know what other people say about your business is far more valuable than what you say. D’Sousa provides six questions to ask to get more powerful testimonials. Reading this changed the way I will forever ask for testimonials, and I think it will help you as well.

1. What was the obstacle that would have prevented you from buying this product/service?

This question allows for you to see what others are hung up on and how the issue can be, and was, overcome. We can’t always see our own faults, or maybe in this case the drawback to our service or product, but this question allows us to look through the eyes of our customers and see how or why their issue was overcome.

2. What did you find as a result of buying this product/service?

In this answer, your customer is explaining why their purchase was worth it, adding value in the eyes of your future customer to your product or service.

3. What specific feature did you like most about this product/service?

This provides a rich and in-depth detail to your product or service providing the end testimonial with specificities that your future client desires to hear.

4. What would be three other benefits about this product/service?

Now that your have your specific detail, you can focus on the other aspects your customer likes about your product or service. You might not need exactly three other benefits, but giving your customer a number allows them to hone in on what three or two or four things they enjoy.

5. Would you recommend this product/service? If so, why?

A customer won’t recommend something without feeling strongly about that product or service. Your customer’s integrity is attached to that recommendation, so this answer will truly be thought out and valuable.

6. Is there anything else you’d like to add?

With your thorough questions, your customer most likely won’t have any additional comments, but there’s no harm in asking. You could get your best answer yet!

These questions are simple and quick, but you’d be surprised the difference it will make to your testimonials. Be sure you are actually asking the questions, not just sending out a questionnaire. Your new testimonials will be more detailed and more heartfelt, which in turn can only make your business look better.

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Author: Kathy Jiamboi

Owner of Creativedge Marketing, where growth-oriented dentists find dental practice marketing strategies and advice to take their practice to a new and higher level.

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